On Sunday, October 16th we dedicated the park's 6 sitting benches in memory of Chuck Forsman. Many members of Chuck's family including Lorrie Forsman were able to join us. To read more about Chuck's contributions to the park, see our History page.

A short distance away, we then dedicated the Pollinator Garden. Garden creator Barbara Woodward told us how the garden came to be, and explained various features of its design. Here is a video of the event:

Locations of the benches and the garden are shown on our trail maps.

Forsman family

Chuck Forsman's family.

Rich Dilks speaking

Rich Dilks, chair of the Friends of Tall Pines.

Barbara Woodward speaking

Barbara Woodward, creator and manager of the Pollinator Garden.

Garden ribbon-cutting

Barbara Woodward and her daughter cut a ribbon at the Pollinator Garden.

Audience at the ceremony

Audience at the dedication ceremony.

Flowers in the Pollinator Garden

Fall flowers in the Pollinator Garden

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